Thursday, June 23, 2005

Slippery Slope Indeed

I was going to put up a post regarding the current push to ban flag burning via a Constitutional Amendment, but I'll yield the floor to Ravenwood on this one. This should be a no-brainer to anyone who actually understands and appreciates the United States Constitution and the rights of American citizens that are protected by it.

No, no, no, no! Chipping away at the First Amendment is an idiotic idea. Flag burning, while detestable, should be protected free speech. Anyone who supports a ban cannot possible support the First Amendment.

As a patriot, I hate flag burning as much as the next guy. It's not surprise that it's unpopular. But unpopular speech is the exact kind of speech that the First Amendment is meant to protect. And as long as a person is burning their own flag and not causing a fire hazard to anyone else, the practice should remain legal. Throwing someone in jail for burning a red white and blue piece of fabric is tyranny, whether you make it legal or not.

I sincerely hope this is one piece of legislative crap that goes down in flames.

UPDATE: Also chiming in on this:

Say Uncle

So, if an amendment actually restricts the free speech protected by the first amendment, which one takes precedent?

Zondo Deb

I can't believe that the House actually passed this stupid thing. We have serious problems they could be spending time on. (Illegal immigration, cutting spending, next year's budget, the energy bill, ... just to name a few.)


I love the "principles for which it stands" a lot more than I love the flag itself; it's just a symbol. And I've always felt the easiest way to sort out this issue is to ask yourself whether one of the Founders would have burned a British flag to get his point across. The answer is clearly yes, and that means it should be a form of protected speech -- so long as you own the flag you're proposing to burn, and do so in reasonable safety, at least.


The House has passed a constitutional amendment to prohibit America-hating assholes from publicly identifying themselves. Dumb, dumb, and double-dumb.

Viking Pundit

A waste of time

Little Green Footballs

More free speech, not less. Always the best policy, for so many reasons.

Toys in the Attic

I thought it was IDIOTIC for George HW Bush to make the flag burning amendment an issue in 1988. It’s equally idiotic now.

And, of course, Lee from Right-Thinking

I own two pairs of Old Navy boxer shorts that are made of an American flag pattern. Does this count as desecration of the flag, by wearing something comprised of a flag image up against my balls and ass? If I fart through these boxers, does that count as desecration? What about Tommy Hilfiger clothing, virtually all of which has some kind of American flag motif. Do those clothes count for special protection over an identical shirt that doesn’t have a flag motif on it?