Thursday, April 29, 2004

Eek...scary guns!

Well, it seems the powers that be are afraid the Assault Weapons Ban might sunset come September, and are now trying to perpetuate its uselessness on the citizens of Massachusetts, regardless of the status of the federal ban. Of course, leading the charge are the champions of the "Do it for the Children" crusade, Stop Handgun Ownership Violence - complete with the usual rhetoric.
    "These are killing machines and there is absolutely no need for killing machines in a civil society," said John Rosenthal, chairman of Stop Handgun Violence.
This statement is such utter horseshit, I almost don't want to waste my time commenting on it, but I will.

Tell me Mr. Rosenthal, what does "Kumbaya" sound like reverberating in your colon like that? The "killing machines" in our "civil society" of which you speak are the individuals who take it upon themselves to inflict deadly harm on others with no regard for the law and no respect for human life - gee, kinda like a machine, huh? The ban on certain weapons based largely on cosmetic features will do nothing to deter violent criminals from committing violent crime.

You know it's a useless piece of crap when even a genuine Massachusetts Democrat speaks out against it.
    "They said this was going to mean a reduction in crime and firearms violence," said Sen. Richard Moore, D-Uxbridge. "This bill has been an absolute failure when it comes to fighting crime."
I'm sending a letter to Senator Moore tomorrow to express my gratitude and support. I'm not holding my breath for logic to prevail on Beacon Hill, but you gotta dream.