Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The pride of Morrisey Boulevard

Why let annoying little things like facts and journalistic ethics get in your way when you're trying to bash the President, undermine the war on terror, and fuel the fires of anti-Americanism around the world, while pushing your liberal agenda with your newspaper? Ask the Boston Globe.

Via Hoystory, THIS is priceless - read the whole thing.

Boston residents got more than they bargained for this morning when their copy of the Globe came complete with graphic photos depicting U.S. troops gang-raping Iraqi women.

Problem is the photos are fake. They were taken from pornographic websites and disseminated by anti-American propagandists, as first reported by WND a week ago.


The photos accompanied an article about Boston city councilor Chuck Turner, who distributed the graphic photographs yesterday at a press conference with activist Sadiki Kambon. Turner told reporters the photos showed U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women

"The American people have a right and responsibility to see the pictures," Turner said. an adult living in this country, I already have the right to view pornography whenever I want. As far as responsibilities are concerned, I have more important things to do like raising my children and providing them with food, clothing, and shelter, and teaching them to be wary of leftist, self-absorbed, race-baiting, Bush-bashing douchebags like Mr. Turner, but I'm glad the city councilor has my best interests at heart.

Kambon, who is director of the Black Community Information Center, said at the news conference he received the photographs by e-mail from Akbar Muhammad, a representative for the Nation of Islam.

And they weren't legitimate photographs??? I'm shocked!

The Globe was provided with a statement by Muhammad who wrote, "There aren't any doubts in my mind about the reports on torture of Iraqi prisoners. All you have to do is look at the pictures of Saddam Hussein after his capture when he was being examined on television across the world. He appeared to be drugged and unaware that he was being filmed to be humiliated and disgraced in front of the entire world."


In the letter given to the globe, Muhammad termed reservists, "raving beasts," and added, "I was fortunate enough to make copies of the pictures before they became unavailable on the Internet."

Yeah, you know how once pictures like this hit the internet, that's the end of 'em. Just ask Paris Hilton.

Muhammad also called for the resignation of Rumsfeld.

No word yet from City hall if anyone's calling for Turner's resignation.

Turner and Kambon told the Globe they don't know where or when the photos they distributed yesterday were taken. But Turner said they came from a "very legitimate person."

MORE: It gets better. Drudge has a scan of the picture that ran in the Globe. Remember, this is the paper that chose not to run the Doonesbury strip in which a character yells "Son of a bitch!" out of fear of offending its readers.

So if you're keeping track at home, that's "Graphic Photographs of Vaginal Penetration and Oral Sex" - GOOD. The word "Bitch" - BAD.

UPDATE: Previously archived pic posted (11/30/05).