Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Breaking News

Al-Jazeera: Terrorists Behead Korean Hostage
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - An Iraqi militant group has beheaded its South Korean hostage, Al-Jazeera television reported Tuesday.

The pan-Arab station said it had received a videotape showing that Kim Sun-il had been executed.
Here's the paragraph Fox News had up on their website relating to the earlier story on this:
South Korean's captors delay execution, reportedly drop demand that Seoul pull Iraq troops; new terms possibly on table
New terms? Negotiations?

Well, those little chat sessions went just swimmingly well, eh? WTF??? Somebody,please pass the Cluebat. You CANNOT negotiate with someone who believes that it is a good and holy deed to saw off a man's head while screaming "God is great!".

We're not over there to haggle with these people over the price of a new Chevy. We are there as part of our efforts to rid the world of the cancer of Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organizations. Now is not the time to sit down for a cup of tea with these people to discuss their societal woes.

Killing in the name of Allah is what they do. They can't be reasoned with. They can't be convinced of their wrong-doings. They are animals doing what animals do. You can't offer a lion a salad and suggest that he eat that in lieu of the antelope he has his eyes on.

If you're house is on fire, you can't ask the fire to stop. It will burn until there is no more fuel to feed it. This is what we're up against in the War on Terror. These people will continue to seek our destruction until they achieve their goal. It's us or them. Pass the ammunition.