Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Communiqué From The Enemy

I happened to be looking back at some old posts that had "dropped off the page" recently and came across a new comment on this post about the recent armed home invasion in Roslindale. This individual, going by the name of Charles Foster Kane, put down the URL for Stop Handgun Violence as his "homepage" in the comment form - more on that later.

To refresh your memory, here's what went down a week ago Friday:

Three men forced their way into an apartment in a two-family home on a quiet Roslindale street Friday night and held a 55-year-old woman and her 15-year-old grandson at gunpoint while they ransacked the dwelling in search of money, police spokesman Michael McCarthy said yesterday.

Maritza Morel and her grandson were relaxing at home on Kittredge Street when the doorbell rang around 9:30 p.m. When Morel opened the door, the men forced their way into the apartment, hit her in the face, and tied her hands behind her back with plastic strips, McCarthy said.

One of the men, who wore a mask, pointed a gun at Morel's head and asked her in Spanish where she kept her money, police said.

Now, let's get to Charles' words of wisdom. As usual, it is now necessary to activate the official mAss Backwards...


Let's continue, shall we?

"Citizen disarmament" my ass.

OK, what do you call it when the politicians pass laws that take away the citizens' guns and prevent them from obtaining guns in the future?

Maritza Morel should have answered the door with a gun in her hand?

Well, not exactly. She shouldn't have answered the door at all. She should have called the police, and then approached the door or tried to look out a window to see who was there. And yes, she should have been able to do so with a gun in her hand. You know, just in case it was a bunch of criminals calling. Hey, it WAS a bunch of criminals calling, whadda you know?

That's how we stop crime?

Sure as hell would have stopped that crime pretty fucking quick.

Why doesn't the city just invent a mind reading machine to thwart criminals before they act?

Well that's been tried. It's called racial profiling and liberal pussies like yourself get all bent out of shape over it. Then there's that pesky "unlawful search and seizure" thingy to contend with. Tell me something Charles, what trait is shared by an OVERWHELMING majority of gun-crime suspects (AND victims) in Boston? I mean, aside from the fact that they're not licensed to possess or carry firearms.

Makes more sense than taking practical steps like going after southern states with lax gun laws which is where many of the guns used by criminals in this city come from.

Yeah, it must be those lax gun laws. That's why Vermont, right next door to the crime-free utopia of Massachusetts, is just overrun with violent crime.

How long have you been in Boston?

I lived in Somerville from 1984 to 1990, Cambridge for a year or so, and have lived in the City of Boston ever since.

Were you here in 1989/1990 when the city was exploding with crime? We're a damn sight better off now then we were then so stop taking random crimes and trying to blow them up into an indictment of the administration. Anecdotal evidence doesn't prove your point.

So now they're random crimes? But the police are always stressing how these are NOT random crimes, as if that's supposed to make us feel less vulnerable. There's not much "random" activity going on here. These crimes are calculated, premeditated, violent acts targeting the most defenseless people in our communities. People rendered defenseless by a government that's "working in their best interest".

Further, a woman in my neighborhood was beaten, tied-up, robbed, and held at gunpoint in front of her grandson, and you dismiss that as a mere "anecdote" that has no bearing on the discussion of the failures of gun control. Fuck you, and the donkey you rode in on, pal.

Guess you just don't have enough stomach for living in a city.

Yeah, a REAL man would just watch while his family is beaten at gunpoint and tied up, leaving them at the mercy of a bunch of crackheads with guns. I gotta say, I don't like the idea of that one bit. What a pussy I must be.

I feel kind of sorry for you, with the way you have to live in a state of fear and all.

It's called living in reality, in a state of awareness. And it beats living in denial any day.

Anyway, here's the website for Stop Handgun Violence. No need to click the link really, just read their tagline:

Blah blah blah blah blah common sense gun laws.

'Nuff said.

So, who are these folks? The usual suspects, of course.

Stop Handgun Violence was the lead agency in a coalition that came together to pass the Gun Control Act of 1998 (Chapter 180), the most comprehensive gun legislation in the nation. The coalition included the office of Senator Cheryl Jacques, the MA Medical Society, The MA Public Health Association, MA Chiefs of Police Association, the Mayor of Boston, the Attorney General, the Boston Bar Association and the League of Women Voters.

Ah, yes, the "comprehensive" Gun Control Act of 1998. Their pride and joy. Here's how well that plan worked.

From GOAL's website, a Then and Now comparison of firearm incidents from 1997 and 2001. I've reproduced their chart to post it here (again).

Wait, how can that be? Surely if you decrease the number of licensed gun owners, there's bound to be a decrease in the number of assault related gun injuries. Right?

Survey says...X!

How can a law be described as "common sense" if it systematically disarms the victims of crime while doing absolutely nothing to hinder the ability of criminals to obtain and use guns while following their chosen career paths?