Thursday, January 13, 2005

Double Entendre, Indeed

From the Department of Cheap and Meaningless Traffic-Generating Posts, comes this story out of Hollywood:

Johanssen 'relaxed' about her boobs

'Lost in Translation' star Scarlett Johansson has told Harpers and Queen magazine that she's quite happy for male co-stars to see her breasts, and she never gets nervous when she has to strip off for sex scenes.

The actress admitted that she didn't think sex scenes were that big a deal.

According to quoting Harpers and Queen magazine she said she always tried to relax when things got steamy.

"There are those first few takes where you're like, 'This is awkward', and it's hot and you're almost naked," she said.

"But if someone catches sight of your bare breasts, you think: 'Let them have it and enjoy it for the day."

So now, for your enjoyment, the winner of "The Best Ever Inadvertent Photo Caption" Contest:

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging already in progress.