Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Honoring MLK in MA

From the Boston Globe:

King's dream unites disparate voices

Nearly 40 years after his death, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is such a unifying figure that yesterday's breakfast celebrating his life offered the unlikely image of Governor Mitt Romney and his presumptive Democratic challenger, Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly, holding hands and singing "We Shall Overcome."

And I shall now throw up, thanks.

Roughly 1,200 people, including local business leaders and politicians, attended the 35th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast at the convention center. Harvard University law professor Lani Guinier was the keynote speaker, but elected officials dominated the dais, as Senator John F. Kerry, Romney, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, and Reilly tied King's legacy to their own political priorities.

And what did our local muckety-mucks have to say in tribute to the legacy and memory of Dr. King? Governor?

Romney suggested that if King were alive today he would focus on education, one of the issues Romney hopes to tackle in the new legislative session.

Good answer, Mitt. You get a gold star ext to your name. Mr. Attorney General, you're up next.

Reilly talked about how he is determined to defend Lynn's voluntary desegregation plan, which is being challenged in court.

OK, well done. You may join Mitt at the front of the class. Mr. Mayor?

Menino talked about affordable housing and celebrated a Boston "that is more diverse than it's ever been in its history."

Very nice, gentlemen. All your comments were quite appropriate for this solemn tribute to a fallen hero of the civil rights movement. Senator Kerry, you're next. Senator?

And Kerry elicited a standing ovation with his charge that long lines caused by "the uneven distribution of voting machines" and the purging of registration lists disenfranchised thousands of voters during last year's presidential election.

No doubt, referring to the voting irregularities in Wisconsin.[/sarcasm]

So, what's worse? The fact that Kerry used this opportunity to whine like a little schoolgirl who just got her pigtails dipped in the inkwell, spewing sheer partisan rhetoric, or the fact that his little tirade here "elicited a standing ovation"?

Let the healing begin, eh, senator?

Unfortunately, John, no partial credit for you on this one. You forgot to mention how the Diebold Corporation is controlled by an evil Republican cabal headed by Karl Rove and is secretly programming their voting machines to erase a certain percentage of votes cast for Democrat candidates. And surely Halliburton had their blood-thirsty paws in all of this somehow. Come on, senator, you can do better.

But wait, there's more..

Unlike Romney, Kerry emphasized the role of money in education, decrying a "separate and unequal" system in which teachers in poor schools have to dig into their own pockets for classroom supplies.

Lawrence School Superintendent, Wilfredo Laboy was unavailable for comment.

LAWRENCE -- The superintendent of one of the state's poorest school systems is billing the district for running boards for his city-leased SUV, saying his wife was having difficulty getting in and out of the vehicle when she was wearing high heels.


Laboy, who makes $164,500 a year, gets a $600 monthly transportation allowance. From the allowance, the city pays $433.49 a month to lease the superintendent a 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer and pays for gasoline, vehicle maintenance, and other incidental transportation costs.

The $490 bill Laboy submitted for the installation of the running boards would be in addition to the allowance.

It's not the first time Laboy has been criticized for extravagance. McGovern said she vetoed Laboy's request that the city pay for a subscription to OnStar, the GMC road service program, and for $2,000 for the framing of pictures to decorate his office.

This clown's pulling down 164-large a year, and our senator believes we should be funneling more taxpayer dollars into this corrupt system known as public education? And the majority of American voters felt otherwise? I'm stunned.