Saturday, February 12, 2005

Our Next Governor?

Christ, I fucking hope not.

One would be hard-pressed to more accurately quantify, in ten words or less, how much of a self-serving, arrogant, statist prick Massachusetts Attorney General (and likely candidate for governor in 2006) Tom Reilly is than he himself did in this recent interview where he discussed his new-found stance on the issue of same-sex marriage. (emphasis mine)

"Once rights are given, they should not be taken away."

NEWS FLASH: Rights are not "given". They do not exist to be handed out by our elected (and unelected) officials like party favors. If you accept the premise that an entity of the government can "give" you rights, then you accept, by default, that that same entity can strip you of these rights at will.

Through his own actions and words, specifically his choice here of the word "should", Reilly has made it crystal clear he is of the belief that the "rights" of the people exist only as long as the people holding the chains of power deem it convenient for them to do so.

Thus, they cease being "rights" and become "privileges".

Make no mistakes about it. Reilly believes that some rights should be given, while others can and should be taken away. I'd cast my vote for governor for the nasty dump I took last night before I vote for this jackoff.