Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Greasing the Slope

File this one under "Why Can't We Be More Like Europe?"

I shouldn't have to point any of you over to this post (National Cultures and GUN Cultures) by Kevin at The Smallest Minority. He should be on all of your "daily reads" list. But, in case he isn't on yours, go there now. He writes about the gun control movement and "gun culture" in general in the UK as it's evolved over the years - and it's not a pretty picture, needless to say.

In that post, he references this post (England Slides Further Toward Bondage) from November 2003, which is a must-read for anyone in Massachusetts (or New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey, etc.) who owns a gun, wants to own a gun, or actually gives a rat's ass about the government-sponsored erosion of our personal liberties.

I think the term "slippery slope" in this case is a gross understatement. We're talking near-vertical precipice*, folks.

In 1936 the British added a "safe storage" requirement for all handguns and rifles. (Sound familiar?)


In 1946 self-defense was no longer a "good reason" to have a firearm. The slope got steeper.

In 1953, carrying a weapon for self-defense was made illegal. Any kind of weapon.

In 1967 the law was amended to require a license to own a shotgun, and jury trials no longer required a unanimous decision.

It sounds painfully familiar. Welcome to Massachusetts.

In 1996 all handguns were banned. And they were all registered... Well, you get the point.

Also in 1996, carrying any kind of knife was made illegal - unless you could prove you had a good reason for having it. The presumption of innocence was gone.

Needless to say, violent crime is spiraling out of control in this "gun-free" fantasy land.

And Massachusetts was the only state to experience a decrease in population last year. [whining nanny-state "progressive"]I blame Mitt Romney.[/whining nanny-state "progressive"]

* precipice (n.): The brink of a dangerous or disastrous situation