Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I Hate When I'm Right

Because it usually entails unarmed citizens being brutally assaulted, raped, or killed while our political leaders sit around thinking up more ways to make such attacks possible.

Today's MGCSS (served with a healthy side order of DHBA) comes from the pages of the Boston Herald.

A shocking rise in violent attacks on women - including three rapes in three days this weekend - has a half-empty BPD sexual assault unit straining to keep up as critics blast authorities for keeping residents in the dark.

"It is chilling to think that women were abducted and raped in this city over the weekend," said Gina Scaramella, the executive director of the Boston Rape Crisis Center.

Chilling? Yes. Surprising? I hardly fucking think so.

In the latest attacks, a 14-year-old girl said she was pulled into a beige car by three men Friday night near her Mission Hill home, raped at gunpoint for hours then abandoned.

Early Saturday morning, a woman in her 40s told cops she was snatched in Hyde Park by three men who threw her into a maroon car and dragged her into Franklin Park where she was raped at gunpoint.

On Sunday, a West Roxbury woman in her 20s claimed she was sexually attacked by a man giving her a ride home from a bar.

Gee, that great liberal "progressive" fantasy of yours you call "common-sense" gun control is really bearing fruit these days, eh, Mr. Mayor?

I mean, I can understand how Senator Teddy "Waitress Sandwich" Kennedy would want to create a complicated system of laws that facilitates the sexual assault of women in our community, but for the rest of our elected officials, this is nothing short of a total disgrace.

From BPD Deputy Superintendent Margot Hill:

"We in no way want to give the impression that the safety of Boston residents is being compromised by temporary staffing shortages."

Don't worry, Ms. Hill. That's not the impression a lot of us are getting. The safety of Boston residents has been compromised for some time now, courtesy of laws supported by the higher-ups in your department and our elected officials, who have enacted some of the worst gun control laws in the country.

To even suggest, as this story does, that we can fight violent crime by throwing more money at the problem is ludicrous. Unless the city plans on assigning an armed police security detail (you know, the kind the Mayor gets) to every man, woman, and child in the city, this solution won't do jack shit.

Sure, you can flood the streets with extra cops in the "hot spots" of the city, and maybe enjoy a weekend or two of relative calm, but anyone who sees this as long term solution just doesn't understand the problem. They tried that recently in Chinatown a few weeks back. Here's how well that plan worked.

This story serves as just another reminder of just what it is these gun control laws are doing. They are ensuring that the ONLY people carrying firearms in the City of Boston are rapists, muggers, drug dealers, carjackers....and police. The rest of us are left depending on these people for protection (or mercy). No thanks.

How many more innocent lives will have to be destroyed as a result of this until people wake the hell up and demand their God-given right to self defense be restored immediately.

Oh, and I'm still waiting to read in our local papers of just one incident where our "common sense" gun control laws have actually proven to save a life, or prevent brutal attackes like the ones mentioned above. Anyone? Beuller?