Thursday, April 21, 2005

Medford's Finest

What the fuck is wrong with some people? Seriously, what the blazing fuck is the matter with some people today? This story nearly made me sick to my stomach.

Teens Accused Of Attacking Police Officers Near Carnival

MEDFORD, Mass. -- Several teenagers were arraigned in a Somerville courtroom Thursday after allegedly attacking a group of police officers at a local carnival Wednesday night.


"He went to them, 'Please move along, we have to disperse the crowds here.' They confronted the officer, the officer was struck, (and) the officer called for assistance," said Glynn.

Even when backup arrived, the officers were outnumbered. The teens allegedly punched, kicked and hit the officers with their own nightsticks.

"At one time, some of the individuals who were involved ripped a baton off the belt of one of the officers. The officers, through their training, covered their guns to make sure nobody could get access to their guns," said Glynn.

Does anyone think for one second that if a white officers was involved and had justifiably opened fire and killed one of these little dirtbags, that the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the Perpetual Victimhood Brigade wouldn't be raining hellfire down on the Mayor's office right now calling for these officers' heads on a friggin' platter?

So, maybe I'm assuming the cops are white, the story doesn't say. I'm just going with my hunch here. Regardless of the skin color of any of the parties involved, I know I wouldn't lose any sleep over the untimely passing of these worthless little punks.

Five teens, including Calvin Belfin, 18, and Isaiah Anderson, 17, both of Somerville, were arraigned on charges of assault and battery and assault and battery on a police officer.

These officers should be awarded the highest commendation the department has to offer for not dropping these animals in their tracks. And poor little Calvin and Isaiah here should do 40 years hard time (that's my compassionate liberal side showing) and wake up every morning thanking their fucking stars that they're still alive.

Three of the police officers were sent to an area hospital after the incident. One officer required reconstructive dental surgery.

Remember the words of our benevolent leaders people, if someone threatens you on the street, just give them what they want. If what they want happens to entail smashing your teeth in, don't worry, your fearless legislators are working on getting free reconstructive dental surgery for everyone. Yippee!