Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No Permit. No Surprise.

Tragedy struck last night in Woburn, Massachusetts where schoolteacher Sylvie DeSilets, 31, was found shot to death in her apartment. Her husband's body was also found nearby with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

All the local news accounts of this murder/suicide were quick to report that the weapon used was a .38-caliber revolver. But, it wasn't until I found this write-up in the Woburn Daily Times, that I came across the information I was looking for. Hold on to your hats, kids, this is a real shocker.

"There were two .38's [found at the scene], none of which he had a permit for. [One] was a very expensive 'super .38', which he could have been obtained in Canada," the district attorney added, whose guess that the weapons were purchased in the gun-strict Canada was doubted by (Woburn Police Chief Phillip) Mahoney.

Yes, in the gun control paradise of Massachusetts, this man was able to illegally obtain a handgun and murder his wife. Who could have known? And the district attorney, instead of acknowledging that MAYBE our gun control laws aren't working to prevent or deter violent crime as promised, pulls a South Park and "Blames Canada". That's the equivalent of blaming the lax firearms laws in Brookline for the proliferation of firearms in Boston.

When "Thou shalt not kill" rings hollow and meaningless between the ears of a cold-hearted killer, what good is "Thou shalt obtain a firearms license before owning a gun" going to do? Because, it didn't do shit for Ms. DeSilets last night.