Thursday, July 28, 2005

And This Happened in Massachusetts?

And a mere 25 miles from Meninostan? Toto, we're definitely not in Boston anymore.

In Southborough:

The Southborough Police Department kicked off its sixth annual Junior Police Academy on Monday. The weeklong academy is offered to kids ages 12 to 15 in two sessions over the summer, this week and next week, and funded by community policing grants.


"I like the feeling of being in control," the teen said after participating in a re-enactment of a felony stop.

She had the chance to sit in a real police cruiser and pull over a "felon" played by a volunteer, point a gun and command him to exit the car, drop his keys and put his hands on his head, all under the direction of an instructor.

And in Northborough (same article):

At the Northborough Police Department yesterday, 12 Civilian Youth Academy cadets clad in navy T-shirts and wind pants sat in the conference room.


During the weeklong academy, offered both this week and next, kids ages 11 to 14 learned about motor vehicle stops, criminal law, report writing, narcotics, canine units, how to use a baton, marching, self-defense, and even shooting a police-issued gun at the firing range.

It is a rare occasion, indeed, when I get to say "I'm stunned", and actually mean it.