Friday, August 19, 2005

What Flavor is YOUR Kool-Aid

From the always entertaining Letters to the Editor section of the Boston Globe comes this recent gem.

GARY HILLMAN summed it up when he pointed out that bigger savings can be had during regular sale offers ("Tax-free weekend a gift to retailers," Aug. 15), but no one has mentioned that consumers were only cheating themselves by not paying a sales tax.

It takes a real "progressive" mentality there to see the working people of Massachusetts actually pocketing more of their hard-earned money, and then say that's a bad thing.

Five hundred million in retail sales equals $25 million in lost tax revenue -- money that could have gone to public schools, transportation, or public safety. I'm sure Massport would have appreciated some extra funds to keep our transportation hubs suicide-bomber-free.


And, Mitch, just think of all the illegal aliens we could be providing with free health care and sending to college with that much money.

Why, if our compassionate leaders are hindered in their noble task of distributing the personal wealth of the commonfolk, then all these unenlightened peasants, of whom you speak, will be more likely to go out and spend that money on such frivolous items as food for their children, or clothes, or maybe even (gasp!) school supplies! Or worse yet, plasma TV's, new golf clubs, amusement parks, ski lift tickets, and single malt scotch. Oh, the horror.

For the sake of our children, people, and the preservation of Mitch's Utopian, neo-socialist paradise, we need to do everything in our power to prevent this outbreak of happiness from gaining a foothold in the Commonwealth.

One more thing - I will bet anyone a pint case of Guinness that Mr. Krpata here "forgot" to check off the voluntary higher tax rate box on his Massachusetts state income tax form last year.