Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another Assault Weapon Story in the News

One person is dead and 13 are injured at the hands of a deranged lunatic in a horrific bloodbath in front of Bally's casino on the Las Vegas strip. I ask you - how many more innocents must fall victim to these high-capacity killing machines before Congress takes notice and does something about it?

LAS VEGAS --A driver intentionally steered his car onto a sidewalk on the crowded Las Vegas Strip and then accelerated in a deadly scene resembling "humans being mowed down like a lawnmower," police said Thursday.

One person died and 13 were hospitalized, many with major injuries, after Wednesday's crash. A 27-year-old man faces charges of murder and attempted murder, Deputy Police Chief Greg McCurdy said.

Besides, no one needs an "assault" weapon when the regular-capacity "sporting" variety will suffice.