Monday, September 26, 2005

From the Dept. of "No Shit, Sherlock"

1,800 on welfare may be avoiding work


Reading further into that Boston Globe article, I discovered that I might have been eligible to stay home and collect a welfare check in october of 2003 and 2004.

Under federal rules, a person with some symptoms of depression, such as a loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and feelings of guilt or worthlessness, as well as a "marked deficiency" in concentration, could be classified as disabled. But under the state rules, a person with symptoms of depression and any problem concentrating might qualify.

Damn it, I'm getting my application in early this year.

The victory enabled the defending World Series champions to remain tied atop the AL East with the New York Yankees, who beat Toronto 8-4. New York opens a four-game series in Baltimore on Monday, and Boston plays four home games against Toronto before closing with three against the Yankees at Fenway.