Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kennedy vs. Schumer

So, a couple days ago, Jeff at Alphecca posed the following question after having watched a bit of the Roberts confirmation hearings.

Ya' know what? Let's have a quick and vulgar poll: Your answers in the comments. Who's the biggest turd? Chuck Schumer or Ted "the lifeguard" Kennedy?

In my biased opinion, the biggest turd (speaking both volumetrically and ideologically) is Senator Backstroke - hands down.

Case in point:

"The tragedy of Katrina shows in the starkest terms why every American needs an effective national government that will step in to meet urgent needs that individual states and communities cannot meet on their own," Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said in a statement prepared for the opening of hearings."

Yeah, that was the real problem in New Orleans, Senator - not enough people being dependent of the federal government for assistance. Golly gee - if we can just get "every American" to buy into that program, all our troubles would be over, and we could get back to our macrame projects and drum circles.

Frickin' moron.

It seems to me, Senator, that the communities that were best able to meet their "urgent needs" on the heels of Hurricane Katrina were the communities comprised of responsible, prepared, and well-armed law-abiding citizens who banded together to defend their neighbors' lives, liberty, and property from the lawless thugs roaming the streets (whether the thugs in question wore a badge or not).

It makes me wish our forefathers had possessed the foresight to recognize the immeasurable value of having that kind of citizen's militia established throughout our country, and incorporated the preservation of such into the Bill of Rights.

Hey, wait a minute...