Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pop Quiz Time...Again

I hope you've been doing your homework, people.

Part I

Which of the following people described below represents a greater threat to the safety and well-being of the citizenry of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

(A) A law-abiding gun collector with a license to carry a concealed firearm who had the misfortune of having his weapon exposed after a gust of wind blew open his jacket.

(B) A U.S. Army doctor applying for a permit to keep a firearm in his home.

(C) A U.S. Army reservist seeking permission to own a pistol for recreational purposes.

(D) A 19-year-old "undocumented immigrant" who's admitted to threatening to murder a police officer while illegally carrying a handgun.

Part II

Now guess which of the individuals above was treated with the most compassion and understanding, and now stands the best chance of having all the inalienable rights of a law-abiding American citizen bestowed upon him by the powers that be in the "progressive" Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Once again, words fail me.

Teen given second chance

By Sara Withee / Daily News Staff
Saturday, September 3, 2005

MILFORD -- A Brazilian teen who threatened to shoot and kill a Milford cop has been given a chance to clear his criminal record so he can seek permanent residency in the United States.

William Leite, 19, of 5 Pond St., Milford, was placed on six months' probation yesterday after admitting sufficient facts to threatening to commit the crime of murder. He threatened to shoot Officer Carlos Sousa with a .38 caliber handgun in May and said he was "going to take care" of him, police said.

Leite's case will be continued without a finding for six months while he serves probation and must stay at home except for work or school. The charge will be dismissed if Leite complies with all probation conditions, allowing him to seek a green card because he has no other criminal record.

But Milford District Court Judge Robert Calagione warned the teen, who appeared in court with his parents, siblings and church pastor, he will not get another chance.

"This conduct is totally unacceptable....If you want to remain in this country legally, there are certain responsibilities that come with that," Calagione said.

Leite's attorney, Kevin Leeper of Framingham, said his client has learned his lesson over the past few months. His arrest came the same week as his appointment with immigration officials to start the green card process, which his family is eligible for because of his father's work, Leeper said. The family had spent four years preparing, he said.

Leite went immediately to the appointment after his parents posted $10,000 bail for his release, but the process has hinged on his criminal case, Leeper said.

"It's an incredible gift to get a green card," he said. "This gentleman knows how precious that is."

And Massachusetts is the only state in the country currently experiencing a declining population.

Quel surprise.