Monday, October 31, 2005

Gun Control Means...

...not leaving your gun in the shitter at the donut shop.

Deputy sheriff's gun lost in Pembroke, found in Weymouth

PEMBROKE -— Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald on Sunday night confirmed that the gun of a Plymouth County deputy sheriff lost in Pembroke Thursday night has been recovered by the Weymouth police after it was dropped in a mailbox.

McDonald said Pembroke police on Sunday received an anonymous phone call that the 40 caliber Glock handgun had been dropped off at a specific mailbox.

The caller said he initially removed the gun out of concern that a child might find it, which is admirable. But, would you want to risk having a postal service employee being the person to find it next?

Naturally, we here at mAss Backwards will be keeping a well-trained eye on this story for future updates.

Any bets on what kind of punishment will be handed down to this highly-trained law enforcement officer? One thing is certain, were this to happen to a licensed "civilian" gun owner here Boston, you could bet it would be the last firearm that person legally owned in this state. Does anyone think this deputy sheriff will now be deemed "unsuitable to be licensed" by the chief of police in his hometown?

What's also interesting is that this incident took place in Pembroke. If you think we have it bad in Boston when it comes to being licensed, try getting a Class "A" in Pembroke. The last time I was at Four Seasons Firearms in Woburn, I spoke to a gentlemen there with a Class "B" LTC issued out of the Town of Pembroke. He said the police chief there won't even accept applications for a restricted Class "A" license.

I guess he's afraid that would lead to all sorts of scary guns flooding the streets (or Dunkin' Donuts restrooms) of his fair town. Remember, kids, gun licenses are for "professionals".

"...but some are more equal than others." ~ Orwell