Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pop Quiz

What do these two news items from yesterday's headlines have in common? Other that the obvious answer that both these budding young rocket scientists are now officially eligible for Darwin Awards.

Former NASA Engineer #1

WHITMAN - An alleged drunken driver with a revoked license has died after leading police on a chase that ended in a fiery wreck mere feet from a home on Route 18.


Both men were ejected from the Jeep they were riding in. It crashed through a stone wall, rolled onto the front lawn at 1131 Bedford St. and burst into flames at about 10:30 p.m. Friday.


Egan fled north on Route 18, running red lights and reaching speeds of 80 mph, East Bridgewater police Sgt. Scott Allen said. The officer saw a 30-pack of beer being tossed out of the car, he said.


Friends of the men held a candlelight vigil last night at the site of the accident, Baker said.

Former NASA Engineer #2

An MBTA commuter train hit a pick-up truck on Birch Street in Abington Monday morning, killing the pickup driver.


The MBTA says the pickup driver went around the crossing gates and was hit by an inbound train on the Plymouth-Kingston line.

Investigators say all the lights and gates were apparently working at the time of the accident.

UPDATE: Answer highlighted in red.

Both incidents, the direct results of voluntary, reckless behavior on the part of the deceased individuals, were described as "accidents" in their respective press accounts.

Come on, guys. That was an easy one.