Monday, March 20, 2006

Let's Play "Spot the Hypocrisy"!

Massachusetts Attorney General, and 2006 gubernatorial hopeful, Tom Reilly delivers yet another stellar example of what it means to talk out of both sides of one's ass.

Massachusetts and eight other states have reached a $171 million settlement with Zurich American Insurance Co. relating to bid-rigging and price-fixing in the commercial insurance market, the states' attorneys general announced Sunday.


Added Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly: "Bid-rigging is a serious offense that will not be tolerated ... Insurance companies will not get away with deceiving their customers, inflating prices, or manipulating the insurance marketplace."

Unless, of course, they're in the business of selling auto insurance in Massachusetts.

I'm guessing Zurich American didn't have the most recent version of Tom Reilly's "Approved Palm Lubricant Recipients Roster". That'll teach 'em to fuck around with Tom "Tough on Crime...Sometimes" Reilly.