Tuesday, May 09, 2006

24 - The Morning After

Hey...it's still "morning" somewhere in the world.

Episode 21: 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM

Bruce's Readers' Five-Point Review

Let's have 'em. Leave your reviews in the comments, and I'll post them here as they come in.

1. -1 kills for the week. (Heller) They really shouldn't put up that "graphic violence" warning if Bauer isn't going to be going medieval on anyone. - by AughtSix

2. Not one of the better episodes, really predictable (you mean they haven't made a copy yet, gee... I hope nothing happens to the only piece of evidence we have implicating the president.) But over on blogs4bauer, someone left a comment on Heller's surviving the crash: "Oh, and suprising no one not named Kennedy, Heller's alive." - by AughtSix

3. Jack gains possession of the most important piece of bloodstained evidence in the fictional history of US. So what does he do? He gives it to Chloe so that she can work on it alone.

Predictable? If 'Vegas had a line on what was going to happen, I'd be jetting off the South Pacific right now. - by Ardee