Friday, May 12, 2006

The Broke..Broke...Broken Record Plays On

Let's play Count the Talking Mumbling Points.

Stunned by violence between gangs of young girls, Mayor Thomas M. Menino is ordering new steps to stop the bloodletting, including the addition of female police detectives to a special unit.

"We need to stop it before it reaches an epidemic level," said Menino, who also told the Herald he has just created a task force to deal with the crisis. "It'’s an issue that I am very concerned about."

Everything's going to be OK, folks. The mayor's created a "task force".


And I thought I felt safer knowing that our Attorney General (and would-be governor) Tom "I Know What's Best For You Filthy Commoners, Now Shut Up!" Reilly is working tirelessly to prevent me from going on-line to buy a gun that shoots plastic pellets.

But, a "task force"? Wow! The people of Mattapan will sleeping soundly tonight, for sure.

One question for you, Mr. Mayor. Will this latest "task force" supplement or replace the Strategic Crime "Council" you created just a few months ago (which, presumably, either supplemented of replaced the "task force" you had in place beforehand)?

One more quote for you from the Boston Herald story, brought to you this morning by the "It's All About the Guns" Department:

On Monday night, a group of teens "“known as the '‘Copeland Girls' "” surrounded the house of a 14-year-old girl, armed with a two-by-four, a knife and a brick "to instigate a fight," according to a BPD report.

Looks like Tom Reilly should add Home Depot to his "Merchants of Death" roster.