Friday, May 12, 2006

Contest Time - Weekend Edition

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This one's easy. All you have to do is hold hands and sing Cat Stevens songs guess the number of shootings and stabbings (combined) to occur on the streets of Boston during the upcoming Peace Weekend.

City and state officials announced this morning that this weekend will be the first annual Peace Weekend in Boston, an event designed to encourage youth and adults to sit down to solve the city's rising crime problems.

Get your entry in now! Deadline is 3:00 PM today.


* Post your entry in the comments - one entry per person, please.
* Winner will be drawn at random from all entries received giving the correct number.
* Individuals being stabbed or shot multiple times will count as one (1) incident.
* Three guys getting shot or stabbed any number of times will count as three (3) incidents.
* For purposes of this contest, the weekend will begin Friday afternoon at 3:00 and end on Sunday at 12:00 midnight.
* I will review all the local news reports and police logs throughout the "Peace Weekend", and in the days following, to determine the winning number.
* Incidents of bludgeoning, kicking, spitting, whipping, punching, and slapping like A-Rod will not count toward the official total.
* All decisions of the judges (me) are final.

Winner will receive one (1) genuine, mAss Backwards exclusive, "Massachusetts: Live Free or Die Here" bumper sticker.

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UPDATE: Welcome Michael Graham listeners. Pull up a chair, have a look around, and I'll try to scare us up a couple Narragansetts.


UPDATE: As Weebs pointed out in the comments, it appears the weather might prove to be quite helpful in keeping the local scumbag population indoors this weekend. From's weather page:

UPDATE: For those of you keeping score at home - the official "Peace Weekend" Contest scorecard.