Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Damn Those Scary-Looking "Assault Weapons"

From the Chicago Tribune:

Fatal shooting was self-defense, police say

No charges are likely as a result of a shooting last week in which one man was killed and another wounded, Arlington Heights police said Monday.


"The resident was attacked ... and got out the weapon to hold off the attackers," [Arlington Heights Police Capt. Jerry] Lambert said. "We're confident it was self-defense." The man was a registered gun owner and the AK-47 was a legal weapon, Lambert said.

Just the sort of dangerous "criminal" Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett "Poncherello" Barrios would like to see disarmed.

I give that story the same odds of making it into the pages of the Boston Globe as this one out of Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Police Say Homicide Was Self Defense

Police say a woman who shot her boyfriend to death was acting in self defense. Police say the woman was defending herself from her boyfriend who was coming at her with a knife.

Of course, had she been a resident subject of the People's Progressive Republic of Bostonia, she likely would have suffered through Mayor Menino's preferred scenario for such situations, in which she would have been stabbed to death by her assailant, powerless to offer up any defense.

Remember - gun control saves lives.

It's just a matter of whose lives you deem more worthy of being saved. And if there's a better than average chance of a life being taken, or an individual being critically wounded, can someone please explain to me the benefit of erring on the side of the violent scumbag criminal in such a situation?

I haven't figured that one out yet.