Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Menino's Gun Shop - Quotes of the Day

Boston Police Department higher-ups chime in on the city's upcoming "gun buyback" program.

From the Boston Globe:

We want guns that are on the street causing the violence and maiming and hurting and killing people.

- BPD Deputy Superintendent Darrin Greeley

No interest in bringing in the lowlife scumbags who are the ones using the guns to main, hurt, and kill. Nope. We just want the guns. You criminal scumbags are free to go. By the way, did you know Target has quite an extensive cutlery section?

Eight-inch chef's knives for ten bucks? Sorry, kids, you could only get 20 of those. I'd recommend the Henckels International steak knife sets. Eight stainless steel knives for $30. Share them with all your homies!

From the Boston Herald:

"Do we expect hardened criminals to turn in their weapons? No," Goslin said. "However, there is no way to quantify how many lives we have saved by collecting even one gun."

- BPD Superintendent-in-Chief Albert E. Goslin

Anyone feel safer now?

And, while there may "no way to quantify" how many lives might (read: won't) be saved by this latest do-nothing, feel-good gesture of Menino's, there is an easy way to quantify the amount of taxpayer dollars being poured into it.

Let's do the math, shall we?


June 12, 2006 - July 14, 2006
Monday - Friday, 12pm - 7pm

Area A-1 - Downtown
District 1 Police Station, 10 New Sudbury St.

Area A-7 - East Boston
District 7 Police Station, 69 Paris St.
Most Holy Redeemer Church, 63 London St.

Area B-2 - Roxbury / Mission Hill
District 2 Police Station, 135 Dudley St.
Project RIGHT, Inc., 320 A Blue Hill Ave.

Area B-3 - Mattapan / Dorchester
District 3 Police Station, 1165 Blue Hill Ave.
United Church of Christ, 637 Washington St.
The Ella J. Baker House, 411 Washington St.

Area C-6 - South Boston
District 6 Police Station, 101 West Broadway

Area C-11 - Dorchester
District 11 Police Station, 40 Gibson St.
City Links, 243 Bowdoin St.

Area D-4 - Back Bay, South End
District 4 Police Station, 650 Harrison Ave.
Church of Scientology, 1783 Washington St.

Area D-14 - Allston / Brighton
District 14 Police Station, 301 Washington St.

Area E-5 - West Roxbury / Roslindale
District 5 Police Station, 1708 Centre St.

Area E-13 - Jamaica Plain
District 13 Police Station, 3345 Washington St.
Hyde Square Task Force, 375 Centre St.

Area E-18 - Hyde Park
District 18 Police Station, 1249 Hyde Park Ave.
Lighthouse of Truth Church, 172 Ruskindale Rd.

19 locations throughout the city.

Seven hours a day, five days a week, for five weeks.

The Boston Police Department will need a minimum of two police officers (at $30/hr) working each drop-off location. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing they won't be working these assignments on a volunteer basis.

Total cost to the taxpayers, by my calculations is a cool $199,500, assuming that the gift cards ($40,000 worth) have all been donated by Target.

Yeah, wouldn't want to have those cops out there patrolling the city's high-crime neighborhoods where they might actually be able to apprehend some CRIMINALS and make the city a little safer for the residents who have barricaded their children inside their homes for fear of being gunned down while playing on the sidewalk.

Nope, better have them sitting around all day in Allston/Brighton and in the Back Bay, waiting for some elderly widow to turn in her deceased husband's WWII pistol.

How about now? Feel safer?