Friday, July 14, 2006

Emphasis On "Should"

I was going to comment on this story of a Shrewsbury homeowner who shot a police officer, whom he had mistaken for a burglar in his home. But, I'll hold off on that until we learn whether or not the homeowner will be facing any charges related to the shooting.

Seeing as it's still up in the air whether charges will be filed against the armed drunk driver who knowingly shot a Boston police officer outside the cop's house, and fled the scene, in West Roxbury a few weeks back, this guy from Shrewsbury should be in the clear here.

UPDATE: Bitter doesn't like the guy's chances, on account of this man's track record at recognizing gun owners' rights in "his town".

A. Wayne Sampson
Chief of Police

Considering the police chief in Shrewsbury is incredibly anti-gun, it probably won't be pretty by the time the fight is over. He doesn't issues LTCs. I think even people who move in with handguns have to beg and plead just to keep a restricted license that will cover them for possession.