Saturday, July 15, 2006

Menino: It Could Have Been Me

From the Boston Herald:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said last night he is still reeling, after realizing he drove through the same Big Dig tunnel Monday just a little more than an hour before a 3-ton concrete slab broke loose, crushing a car and killing a Boston woman.


"If I had come by a little bit later, it could have been me," the mayor said, expressing the chilling thought that he - or any other motorist - could have been the random victim of the I-90 connector ceiling collapse. The horror of the tragedy, he said, kept him up all night after he got the news.

Apparently, the fact that the criminal population in the inner-city is arming itself and shooting up the city in record numbers, putting every resident (without their own personal police protection) at risk of harm, hasn't hindered his ability to get a good night sleep in any way. But, the chance that he could have been personally that's serious!

And he is outraged at the apparent missteps in the public construction project that took the life of Milena Del Valle.

Like the "misstep" of promoting unqualified persons [read: unqualified women and minorities] to the positions of Field Engineers, responsible for construction oversight and the reporting of deficiencies in the work?

Menino had eaten dinner on the South Boston waterfront Monday night and was heading to visit friends in East Boston around 9:45 p.m. as he rode through the I-90 Seaport connector tunnel in his police-driven SUV. At about 11 p.m. in the same tunnel, a concrete slab gave way, killing 38-year-old Milena Del Valle.

So, Mr. Mayor, did I pick up the tab for your dinner, as well? Or just the armed security/chauffeur detail to get you there and back? That's a pretty sweet deal you got going there. Does he pick out your PJ's and tuck you in at night, too?

Seriously, it must be nice having a "police driven SUV" to cart you around to dinner and for visits with friends. I'm glad my tax dollars could be of service to you.

"I was fortunate. But Mrs. Del Valle was not," Menino told the Herald last night.

What insight.

"It'’s unbelievable that a husband and wife are driving along and his wife was snuffed out. It'’s unacceptable."”

Unbelievable? Um...not really.

Unacceptable? Well, no shit, you don't say.

He said the news of the accident terrified him and he is furious that the accident that killed a beloved mother and city resident has now turned into a finger-pointing frenzy for state politicians - instead of a unified effort to calm fears and restore public trust in the Hub transportation system.

"Restore" trust? Try "establish" trust. The mayor is operating under the false assumption, apparently, that there was trust there to begin with.

"People have lost confidence in the Big Dig," Menino said. "“Now is not the time for an us-against-them attitude."

Again, need I repeat myself?