Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Essex, Vermont Shootings

I yield the floor on this matter to Jeff, who has an excellent rundown of the story, including incontrovertible evidence that these shootings, like so many others, were the direct fault of the lax gun criminal control laws on the books in some of Vermont's border states.

The highlight comes from an article in the Burlington Free Press, in which we find out (surprise, surprise, surprise!) the scumbag should have been behind bars, and likely would have been if not for the mercy of a "compassionate" judge he seems to have befriended at sometime in his criminal career.

Christopher Williams, 27, the suspect in Thursday'’s shooting spree in Essex, has a "rather extensive"” criminal record in Springfield, Mass., where he lived several years ago, Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Kerry Sleeper said today.

The Massachusetts proceedings against Williams, who lived most recently in Essex, included multiple drug convictions, and charges of carjacking, car theft and escape from custody, Sleeper said. The allegations date to the early 2000s, Sleeper said.

No I won't link to the article. You should be reading this over at Jeff's place, anyway. That's what that linky thing up at the top was for.