Thursday, August 24, 2006

Feel-Good Story of the Day

Poll: AG on downward spiral

Tom Reilly continues to drop deeper down the Web in a poll [a reputable scientific data gathering method, I'm sure - ed.] of the Democratic candidates for governor.

Anyway, for what it's worth...

With more than 2,500 votes cast by deadline, Reilly registered a tepid [the Reilly campaign in five letters or less - ed.] 7 percent. It's a result that comes on the heels of other polls showing the AG has a long road ahead.

It's not the length of the road, per se, that's troubling his campaign. It's more his uncanny ability to hit every single pothole along the way.

Also from the Boston Herald:

Reilly rakes in $$ from lobbyists

This is "news"?

In the governor'’s race, Attorney General Tom Reilly is leading in at least one category: lobbyist-donated campaign cash.

Reilly has pulled in $32,000-plus from state-registered lobbyists in 2005 and 2006, according to Secretary of State records. But spokesman Corey Welford said the cash won't translate into special interest political capital.

That statement makes it pretty clear that Mr. Welford thinks the voters of Massachusetts are all a bunch of morons. He's clearly reading from the same playbook as his boss there.

Then again, he might be onto something there.

"No one in this race can match Tom's record of taking on the powerful interests (like) Big Oil and pharmaceutical companies [damn those evil corporations and the jobs they provide! - ed.]," Welford said.

Oh, and Corey, you forgot Big Dig contractors, auto insurance companies, government employee unions, teachers' unions, labor unions, gun control lobbyists, and open border advocates.

Did I miss anyone?

The Herald piece then goes on to list the amounts taken in by the other candidates for governor from lobbyists. Reilly beats all the others...combined.

So much for the concept of getting what you pay for.