Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mumbling On (and on, and on, and on...)

A classic Mumblepiece in the Boston Herald this morning.

Menino has brush with gun violence

Mayor Thomas M. Menino came within feet of an armed thug and heard cops yell the chilling words "He's got a gun!" during a walking tour of Dorchester Monday evening, learning firsthand the fright many of his constituents suffer in a city plagued daily by gunplay.

Well, he learned firsthand what his constituents with taxpayer-funded, 24-hour-a-day, armed security details "suffer", anyway.

"I saw this guy running past me in a black shirt. All the sudden, the police who were with me were running and chasing this individual," Menino said yesterday.

"This guy was brazen as hell," a calm and cool Menino told the Herald. "I don't know that this individual knew that the mayor was in the area, that there would be so many cops chasing him, but how brazen can you be?"

Hey, I know, let's limit the frequency with which I can legally purchase firearms - say, one-a-month. That'll really change the attitudes of these "brazen" scumbags.

The suspect, Adelino Monteiro, 19, ran past them with his hand pressed into his right hip, allegedly trying to hold his gun steady as he darted from the cops.

After a foot chase down Draper Street, Monteiro allegedly pulled out a Colt .45 and held it up in "the area of his right ear, pointing skyward," according to a BPD report.

Uh-oh, was that a MA-compliant handgun? I'd just hate for Tom Reilly's "Approved Firearms Roster" to be proven to be a complete waste of time and money.

The gun Monteiro was allegedly carrying had a defaced serial number.

How can that be??? We've got laws against that, man!

There was a bullet in its chamber and five live rounds inside the gun'’s magazine, cops said.

"This guy had no regard," Menino said. "He just ran down the street with a gun in his hand."

Well, Tom, that's what low-life, criminal scumbags do!

It's part of their job description. They have "no regard" for their communities. "No regard" for the lives of the people around them. And, above all, "no regard" for our "most effective gun laws in the nation".

But, hey, I know. Let's pile on some more gun control laws! And then get New Hampshire and Vermont to do the same. And, when that doesn't work, and it won't, we can ask the U.N. to come in and help us enact a total ban on the private possession of firearms. Now, that'll learn 'em!

It's worked fucking wonders in England.

Menino and his top advisers often tour hot spot neighborhoods under the radar, talking to residents about urban blight and violence.

I guess that depends heavily on one's definition of "under the radar". Now, if that definition happens to include the phrase, "phalanx of uniformed police officers", then OK.

Attacking gun violence has been Menino's top priority after 341 people were shot in the city in 2005.

Yeah, and he's got the mini-manhole covers to prove it. Now, if those babies don't have the members of the Carjackers' Local 64 shaking in their Nikes, I don't know what will.

Monteiro was busted on New Year's Eve 2004 with a loaded handgun, said Suffolk District Attorney's Office spokesman Jake Wark. He was sentenced to one year in prison for that arrest and remains on probation in connection with a 2003 assault charge, Wark said. Yesterday, a Dorchester judge ordered Monteiro held on $25,000 in connection with his latest arrest.

OK, let's do the math.

While on probation for a 2003 assault charge, he gets busted carrying a gun in December of 2004, and serves a year in jail (well, it's better than eleven days, I suppose).

Then, after being released from state custody earlier this year, and while still on probation, this budding young career criminal gets nabbed this week with a loaded .45.

Not to worry, folks. Our 57-Strikes Law will take care of this guy.


"There are a lot of good families out there who are being terrorized by the gunmen with no regard," Menino said.

All made possible by your unilateral decision that these people do not have the right to defend themselves from the "terror" they face everyday.

So, why should these "gunmen" have any regard for these people. The good guys can't fight back, and the lowlife pieces of shit running around shooting up the streets of Boston today know that all too well.

So, thanks for that, asshole.

"It's got to stop."

Yeah, and you should resign in shame to let someone with a measurable degree of competence take over as mayor of Boston, but I'm not seeing either of those scenarios playing themselves out anytime soon.