Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Your Would-Be Governor

Here's a textbook example of a Massachusetts politician - in this case, Attorney General Tom Reilly - taking advantage of the fact that 99.2 percent of the populace in Massachusetts has the attention span of a stick.

State Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Tom Reilly yesterday said he passed on choosing Chris Gabrieli as a running mate because of Gabrieli'’s failure to make his tax returns public.

So, Tom, was your hang-up with Gabrieli the fact that he wouldn't release his tax returns, or that he actually had them in the first place?

Flashback: February 2006

State Representative Marie P. St. Fleur, Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly's choice to be his lieutenant governor running mate, has had three delinquent tax debts in the last four years, including an April 2005 federal tax lien of $12,711 against her and her husband, according to records examined yesterday by the Globe.


Reilly, St. Fleur said, first approached her Saturday about being his running mate and offered her the spot on Sunday. She said she told Reilly that she had "some financial issues" with taxes and student loans, but that he didn't ask her to provide any numbers and only sought assurance from her that she was dealing with the problems.

Tom Reilly: Arrogant prick or ignorant buffoon?

I report, you decide.

Now, back to the Boston Herald, for today's money quote:

Gabrieli is in command of the race in a new Suffolk University/WHDH-TV (Ch. 7) poll, topping the field with 32 percent support. Former U.S. attorney Deval Patrick was second with 24 percent, followed by Reilly with 20 percent. Some 24 percent of the 600 registered voters polled were undecided.

A separate poll done by CBS4 Boston shows Patrick leading at 34 percent and Gabrieli and Reilly - once considered the early favorite in the race - tied with 30 percent.

[Reilly campaign spokesman Dave] Guarino dismissed the Suffolk poll, saying, "We're exactly where we want to be ... With four weeks to go this race is a dead heat."

The words of a third-place loser, if ever there were.