Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doug Obey for State Senate

I had the pleasure of chatting with State Senate candidate, Doug Obey (rhymes with Toby), Sunday afternoon outside the West Roxbury Roche Bros. supermarket. Doug is running against incumbent Marian Walsh. As is the case with most discussions involving yours truly, ours quickly turned to the subject of Massachusetts' gun control laws.

Doug assured me he is a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment and of the people's right to self-defense, though, some [read: most] of my readers might [read: will] take exception with some of his positions outlined here. He is also in the process of obtaining [read: waiting for] his License to Carry in the town of Westwood. I wished him good luck, and told him my harrowing tale of extracting blood from a stone applying for my LTC with the City of Boston.

Doug has agreed to participate in an interview by e-mail to be posted on my blog, and I have decided to open up the questioning to my readers. With the election just four weeks out, I want to have this up as soon as possible. Leave your questions for Doug in the comments to this post. The top-five questions (picked by me) will be forwarded for his reply at the end of the day.

Have at it.

UPDATE 10:55 PM: Come on folks, I need one more question.