Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Another Weekend in paradise the VDZ

It sure was a busy weekend in the land of the "most effective gun laws in the nation" (aka: the VDZ). If you need that explained to you, you have not been paying attention.

Elephant Walk Restaurant Robbed at Gunpoint

Early yesterday morning around 12:38am, officers from District 4 while responding to a motor vehicle accident, were approached by a man with his hands bound behind his back stating that his restaurant was being robbed. The victim stated to officers that the suspects were still in the restaurant and that his wife was inside.

Seems everything happened in accordance with Mayor Menino's official policy of requiring the unarmed citizenry to be at the mercy of armed thugs for their personal safety. I mean, it's no skin off the mayor's back. He's got armed bodyguards looking out for him around the clock, collecting their pay from the same place the aforementioned armed thugs get theirs - from the taxpayers getting held up at gunpoint in the workplace.

Officers hurriedly made their way to the restaurant and began searching for the suspects. A second victim of the robbery was located in the basement. It was determined that the suspects had fled the scene.

Free to terrorize and rob more defenseless victims (and vote Democrat inNovember) - just the way Mumbles likes it.

The victims revealed that the suspects approached one of the victims while he was taking the trash out of the rear door. The victims also stated that the suspects were armed with handguns and demanded money. The suspects proceeded to rob the restaurant of approximately $3,000.00 in petty cash and a laptop computer. One of the victims was treated and released on scene.

$3,000 is "petty" cash? Maybe, if you're a Kennedy, or a candidate for Governor, it is.

ER Employee Stabbed While Walking in Brigham Circle

Yesterday around 2:35pm, officers from District 2 responded to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital for a report of a walk-in stabbing victim. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated that she was stabbed by a panhandler, who asked for a dollar, while walking at the intersection of Francis St. and Huntington Ave. The victim stated that she gave the suspect a dollar, but the suspect demanded more money. The victim reported that she tried to walk away when the suspect grabbed her and assaulted her. [Yeah...just give your attacker what he wants, right? - ed.] The suspect cut her in the stomach with an unidentified object and then stole her license and ATM bank card from her pocket. The suspect fled from the scene with the victim’s items and eluded capture by police despite a thorough search of the area.

Michele McPhee, writing for the Boston Herald, seems to think it's Mitt Romney's fault.

The woman is going to be OK. In all likelihood, her attacker was either under the influence of drugs or alcohol or hunting for it. In fact, addicts are committing a majority of the violent crimes in our city - the ATM street robberies, the home burglaries, the car break-ins and even stabbings.

Judging by what an individual has to go through in this town to get permission to legally own a handgun, I thought for sure that "licensed gun owners" would be topping that list.

But Gov. Mitt Romney continues to slash funding for drug rehabilitation. Last year he cut the number of detox beds nearly in half, leaving Boston Public Health Commission with 160 detox beds, down from 320 just the year before.

And people are wondering why violent crime is reaching highs not seen in a decade, statistics sadly reminiscent of the crack epidemic of the 1990s.

But, of course! We need to throw more money at the problem. It has nothing to do with the lack of parenting and complete dissolution of anything resembling family values in the inner cities. It's the Republicans' fault!

God forbid we should encourage people to take responsibility for their lives and those of their children. Let's ignore the real problem and wait until they all become violent drug addicts, and then allocate what limited taxpayer dollars we have toward trying to fix what is now a much larger, and more dangerous, problem.

I have a (non-rhetorical) question for you all. Was the State Budget, including those reported budget cuts, unilaterally approved by Mitt Romney, or was it something that the (evil, uncaring, Republican-dominated) state legislature had to sign off on, as well?

But, I digress...

Optical Store Robbed of “High Priced” Glasses

At approximately 3:15pm yesterday, officers from District 1 responded to 125 Pearl St. for an armed robbery call. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who described the suspect, as a short black male with a thin build. According to the victim, the suspect walked into the store and gestured as if armed with a gun. The suspect then went to the glasses case, removed approximately 17 pairs of Cartier eyeglasses valued at about $1,000.00 each and fled the store. The suspect remains at large.

The defenseless citizenry, having had their right to self-defense stripped from them by their benevolent overlords, are brought to their knees by a "gesture". And, the Menino Legacy grows, and grows, and...

Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested at Site of Robbery

Officers from District 3 responded to the area of Blue Hill Ave. and Talbot Ave. last night around 10:15pm and arrested suspect, Franklin Harris, 21, of Dorchester for Armed Robbery. Victim reported that he was robbed by the suspect, at gunpoint, of his wallet and book bag on September 25, 2006 while walking at the corner of Blue Hill Ave. and Talbot Ave. As a result of investigation by Department detectives and notification made by the victim, who had again spotted the suspect, officers were able to place the suspect under arrest.

Clearly, we must enact a ban on walking on public ways after dark. Freedom be damned - it's FOR THE CHILDREN! Besides, what's a little martial law amongst friends?

Shots Fired at 45 Dwight St Confirmed by Victim at Hospital

Today at 8:35am, officers from District 4 responded to 45 Dwight St. in response to a call for shots fired. On arrival, officers spoke to witnesses who confirmed hearing what sounded like firecrackers and the sound of someone running up and down the stairs. Officers were unable to locate any victims, but were subsequently alerted about a walk-in victim of a non-life threatening gunshot wound at Boston Medical Center. Officers responded to Boston Medical Center where they were able to confirm that the walk-in victim was indeed the person shot at 45 Dwight St.

Note the times of these incidents - morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Whether we're talking about an armed robbery gone bad down at the corner store, some strung out junkie with a philips-head screwdriver, a mass shooting in a university dining hall, or a madman attacking defenseless subway passengers with a cordless saw, the fact remains. A world of shit could fall on you anywhere at anytime.

Good luck with those plastic whistles, kids.

And, because, it bears repeating...

I ain't goin' out like that. Whether it's some Columbine wannabe who's heard the backward-masked messages on his Marilyn Manson discs, distressed daytrader off his Prozac, homegrown Hadji sympathetic with his oppressed brothers in Baghdad, or a bugnuts whackjob picking up Robert Frost quotes transmitted from Langley on the fillings in his molars, I am going to do my level best to smoke that goblin before my carcass goes on the pile. I am not going to go out curled into a fetal ball and praying for help that won't arrive in time.