Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When Will They Ever Learn?

Rule #1: There are no 15-year-old boys (or girls, for that matter) surfing the internet, looking for cheap, anonymous sex with 60-year-old men.

Fmr. Boston Councilor Busted In Internet Sex Sting

Former Boston city councilor David Scondras is facing charges for attempting to lure a teenage boy over the internet.

Lawrence Police arrested Scondras at about 1:15 a.m. Monday. Investigators said a sergeant pretending to be a 15-year-old boy had several sexually explicit email exchanges with Scondras.

Officers arrested Scondras at a location where he thought he was going to meet the boy.

Mr. Scondras made headlines ten years ago when he was alleged to have made a sexual advance to a 16-year old boy in a movie theater. The boy allegedly took exception to that and allegedly proceeded to kick the snot out of Mr. Scondras in the movie theater lobby, prompting the former city councilor to allegedly accuse the boy of gay bashing.

And, naturally, after being arrested and charged with indecent sexual assault, Mr. Scondras did what any card-carrying member of the Perpetual Victimhood Society would do - he alleged anti-gay bias on the part of the police and prosecutors.


Will his attorneys be playing the victim card in his defense of these current allegations? Can't say I'd be too surprised if they did.

Also, I wonder how this will effect his current candidacy for the office of Democratic Election Commissioner in the City of Cambridge. Fortunately for us, Mr. Scondras was kind enough to answer the candidate's questionnaire sent out by CambridgeDems.org, and provide us with today's money quotes.

Much of what I have done is public record and can be found through a search of the Globe archives or a simple google search.

Yeah, you might not want to advertise that fact. But, thanks for the tip.

There are no commitments I have that would make it difficult to be an election commissioner.

Future commitments to the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, on the other hand...