Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One Free Pass, Coming Up!

Hub Politics linked to this Boston Herald story yesterday that I missed, on account of my being busy running around southern New Hampshire looking at homes for sale. It seems that our good friend and lawmaker, State Senator Jarrett Barrios, feels no obligation to abide by the laws that he and his hypocritical hack brethren are charged with enacting.

Shocking, I know.

State Sen. Jarrett Barrios raised eyebrows over the weekend by "hinting" that Deval Patrick supporters gathered in a public school gym in Everett should pony up some cash for the cause.

"Deval almost made a real mistake a little earlier because there’s some things you can’t say in public buildings. You can't ask for money in a public building. No sir," Barrios said with a whiff of sarcasm during a speech at Everett's Whittier School on Saturday. "But it helps. That’s how you win campaigns. So consider yourself hinted."

Barrios' comments were in reference to state campaign finance laws that ban soliciting political donations in government buildings. Patrick and his running mate, Tim Murray, were standing behind Barrios during the speech, which was posted yesterday on the popular video-sharing Web site The free site has become a public dumping ground during the campaign for political ads and videos depicting various candidates' controversial sound bites.

Naturally, Barrios claims no wrongdoing of any kind.

“Telling people how they can help a campaign is not asking for money and is not breaking the law,” Barrios said.

Aaron at Hub Politics provides a translation of one of his "non-requests" for money.

What is not reported is the little bit Senator Barrios spoke in Spanish for his friends from Chelsea. It was at that time that he literally did tell the Spanish speaking audience members "you have to vote. You have to vote, you have to give money if you can."

Here's the clip. You be the judge.

Bottom Line: You can expect an extra-large helping of nothing, with a side order of arrogance, to be served up as a result of this.

Everyone knows the only people in this state who can be accused of inappropriate use of public property are Republican governors, with the audacity to actually communicate with the electorate concerning matters relevant to the well-being of the Commonwealth, while at work (GASP!), and the Boy Scouts of America.