Friday, December 29, 2006

I Guess It All Depends...

...on one's definition of "simplification".

MBTA Discards Fare Quirks

(AP) BOSTON - The MBTA is getting rid of some historical fare quirks, including free outbound rides at aboveground Green Line stops and exit fares at some Red Line stations, in an attempt to simplify the system and make it more equitable [for whom? - ed.].

"If you get on the train, you should know that it's $1.70, and it's the same as if you're on the Red, Green, Orange, Blue, or Silver line," said Daniel Grabauskas, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's general manager. "It's a simplification of the system."

Let's review, shall we?

The "old" system for boarding an outbound Green Line train at an above-ground stop:

Step 1: Get on train.

The new "simplified" system for doing the same:

Riders paying with cash are being asked to board at the front door where they will be issued a receipt. Pass holders can enter at any door, but are encouraged to use the middle door, where passes will be scanned by a conductor.

On the D Line, riders are encouraged to tap their CharlieCard or to insert their CharlieTicket into validator machines at platforms for a receipt they can show upon boarding at middle doors.

The T also plans random checks to ensure that all customers pay their fare.

Have I mentioned lately how much I don't miss living down there anymore?