Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Speaking of Bell Curves and Outliers

Strip Club Shooting Suspect Had Valid Gun License

The Freetown man who police say opened fire in a New Bedford strip club Tuesday morning was licensed to carry a gun and had no history of violence.


Abbott says a new license was issued in 2005 and would have permitted Medeiros to purchase an assault-style military rifle.

Abbott says a background check conducted before the 2005 licensing showed Medeiros had not been convicted of any felonies or violent crimes, and had no restraining orders against him.

Don't expect anyone in the Massachusetts State House to see this guy what he was, a statistical anomoly. Here we have a regular guy who seemingly just snapped one day and decided to go on a murderous rampage. Doesn't happen very often, but the press will more than make up for that with their wall-to-wall coverage of this tragedy.

Sadly, his actions will be used to broad-brush the rest of the state's gun owners as a bunch of simmering, ticking timebombs, who simply can't be trusted to possess these dangerous, mind-altering killing machines.

and, you can certainly forget about anyone like Jarrett Barrios reading about this event and thinking, "Gee, this guy could have inflicted just as much damage by driving his car through the club's parking lot at closing time, mowing down pedestrians along the way, or by walking into the club and swinging a machete at anything that moved. maybe, the fault here lies not with the gun. After all, that's merely the tool chosen to carry out the wishes of the deranged person holding it."

Why, that would require the acceptance of this crazy little concept called reality.