Friday, December 08, 2006

To Serve and Protect (Their Own)

From the Springfield Republican:

SPRINGFIELD - A city police officer was arrested yesterday for the third time since 2004 after failing to appear for his trial on charges of assaulting an ex-girlfriend and carrying a firearm while intoxicated.

The absence of Patrolman Karl P. Johnson in Springfield District Court yesterday morning forced Judge Nancy Dusek-Gomez to issue a default warrant, court and police officials said.

Johnson, who was home asleep, was arrested and brought to court, said Assistant District Attorney Eileen M. Sears. Dusek-Gomez released him on $1,000 bail and rescheduled the trial for Jan. 4.

Money quote, and nominee for Quote of the Year:

Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Flagg said Johnson's employment status is under review, and disciplinary action is possible.

"...but some are more equal than others." ~ Orwell

(link via David at The Boston Phoenix)