Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bi-Rectal Mumbling

Flashback - April 2005:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino is planning to crack down on sky high prices at private parking lots around Fenway Park, saying he will seek authority to cap fees and stop what he called the gouging.

It's a recurring theme. Parking lot owners charge people an arm and a leg to park close to the ballpark on gameday, and every year, the mayor puts on his little show about how outraged he is at all that free market economy nonsense being allowed to flourish inside the walls of his "progressive" empire.

So, what is this great champion of affordable parking for the masses up to these days? Glad you asked. From the Boston Globe, a story about the rapidly rising cost of parking in downtown Boston:

The absolute best parking deal in the city is at First Federal Parking in Winthrop Square. The rundown garage, under terms of a city lease, charges $4.15 for the first two hours, $1.60 for the third hour, and 85 cents for each additional hour. The garage fills up quickly each morning, and there are often cars idling outside, waiting for someone to leave.

But the garage's days, and the low prices it offers, are numbered. Mayor Thomas M. Menino last year proposed a 1,000-foot skyscraper on the site, and in late January businessman Steve Belkin was designated by the Boston Redevelopment Authority to build Boston's tallest building.

It's for the children.