Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Turning Point?

OK, one more and then I'm done.

I've tried to impart some common-sense, logical thought into the discussion of urban street violence, the revolving door justice system so heartily embraced by the leftists running the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the ineffective nature of Massachusetts' gun control laws that do nothing but deprive the innocent, law-abiding residents of the city of their right to defend themselves and their families.

Reacting to the increase in shootings and homicides in the city, the Mayor of Boston, surrounded by armed bodyguards, continues doing little, apart from issuing the occasional, all-too predictable press release expressing both his "outrage" and his insistence that he is "not going to let the hoodlums take over" the city.

From the Boston Globe:

"People are shocked, outraged, and there is some sense of fear and nervousness," said the Rev. William Dickerson of Greater Love Tabernacle, which is near the shooting scene. "We've reached a point where people are so cold-hearted they will shoot people in broad daylight.

Cold-hearted killers roaming the streets amongst all the decent, hard-working people in the city, who, thanks to the tireless efforts of Mayor Menino and the courage of his allies in the State Legislature (Barrios, Linksy, et al), have been rendered timid, weak and defenseless. No wonder they're scared.

"Their behavior is becoming more overt and audacious; they are so defiant of authority," he said of the young men involved in violent crime.

Not to mention the "most effective gun laws in the nation".

Dickerson said he has scheduled a community meeting on youth violence at his church on Monday.

A community meeting? Why didn't anyone think of that before???

Now, I'm not saying these meetings shouldn't take place. In fact, I think it's vitally important for the members of these communities to get together and support one another as they seek workable solutions to the violence plaguing their neighborhoods.

But, do yourselves a favor, folks. Don't invite the Mayor.

He said he believes that yesterday's shooting may be the last straw for a community fed up with street violence.

The last straw for the community, perhaps, but not for their fearless leader. It's gonna take much more than a pile of corpses and a city full of enraged citizens to get Mumbles to change his ways. For that would require him to admit failure. And that simply isn't gonna happen. The phrase "airborne rectal monkeys" comes to mind.

Besides, he knows they'll keep voting for him. What the hell does he care what goes on in "those" neighborhoods?

"It's been violent in that area before, but it's unfortunate we've gotten to the point where the minority, the people shooting guns, has made it so difficult for the majority," Dickerson said. "It has to stop."

The small group of people, the ones with all the guns, making life miserable for the majority. I'll spare you the relevant refresher course in European history.

And, last, but certainly not least, this poignant reminder.

From July of 2006:

Today, Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Acting Commissioner Al Goslin, in conjunction with the Boston Police Department and numerous community and faith-based organizations, is pleased to announce that the 2006 Boston Gun Buyback “Aim For Peace” was a major success.

So, what do you think? Is it time to let Boston and the rest of the Commonwealth burn, and move on to more important topics. Frankly, I'm fresh out of giveadamn, where that authoritarian gasbag of a mayor and the Bacon Hill Bozos are concerned.

There's plenty to write about taking place up here in New Hampshire, what with all the tax-and-spend liberal scumbags oozing out of the woodwork trying to tax the state into oblivion and impose their socialist Utopian ideals upon us.

I don't want to abandon my readers in the Bay State, but this shit is seriously getting old. Short of a meteor crashing somewhere in the greater Boston area and turning Route 128 into the lip of a giant crater, it's a lost cause.

The last time I put this to a vote, back when I was still living in Meninostan, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of continuing beating the dead horse into a fine bloody pulp.

What should I do now? Live up to the name of the blog and move on? Or stay loyal to my readers still trapped in the People's Progressive Republic?

What should I do?
Move on. No looking backwards!
Stay the course. Marxachusetts needs you.
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Now, it's off to find a store around here that sells Narragansett.