Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary/BAG Day!

OK, so I might have jumped the gun (no pun intended, I swear) on Buy a Gun Day* by five days. But, it was with good reason. Yesterday was our eighth wedding anniversary (God bless the woman who can put up with my crap for more than six months, let alone eight years, eh?).

Anyway, looking at this chart that shows what gifts to buy one another on each anniversary, I saw that the fifth anniversary calls for wood, and the eleventh, steel.

I split the difference, and went with both.

The Henry Lever Action Youth Model .22 is a lightweight and compact version
of our Henry Lever Action rifle. It’s ideal for young shooters,or for adults who
desire a compact rifle in the field. Overall length is 33'' and length of pull is 13''.
It weighs only 4 1/2 pounds. It features our genuine American walnut stock,
famous smooth action, and a grooved receiver for scope mounting.

Those of you who have met The Mrs. know she's all of five feet tall with shoes on. This rifle fits her like the proverbial glove. And, for those days when you're the only one at the range, because it's barely above freezing outside, and the ground is covered with a pleasant combination of crusty snow and deep mud, this rifle is just the ticket for use while wearing a heavy winter jacket.

Yeah, yeah, enough of that. "How'd she do?", you ask.

Bear in mind, this was her first time shooting any kind of long gun. We set up a target at about 10 yards out, to help her get the hang of things.

Hang gotten.

(I clicked her rear sight up a notch or two after her first shot hit low)

I'm sure she'll be chiming in shortly to discuss how we both did at 25 yards, she with the Henry, and me with the 10/22, descoped. In my (pathetic) defense, the scope mount was obstructing my rear sight.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

* I wanted to put up a link to Aaron's Buy a Gun Day page, but his site was hacked a while back by a pack of freedom-loathing pigfuckers. Until he completes repairs, his temporary front page is definitely worth a peek (turn your sound down if you're at work).