Monday, April 09, 2007

Who Said Mondays Suck?

From reader and frequent commenter, ASM826:

Give us range reports, visits to various clubs and their facilities.

Ask and you shall receive.

Last week, I joined the Raymond Sportsman's Club, located, surprisingly enough, in Raymond, New Hampshire. Today was my first chance to get out to the range, so I packed up the SKS, the 10/22, and the Ruger P345.

OK, slight correction...I packed up the rifles. The .45 went on my hip, under my jacket, on account of New Hampshire being part of Free America, where the police and politicians trust the citizens to act as responsible adults.

But, I digress.

Weather conditions were less than favorable, a bit on the nippy side with a healthy crosswind. Still, the sun was shining, and it beats sitting in my kitchen writing on my blog.

The range itself is quite nice, with decent, solid shooting benches (pic from RSC website).

At 100 yards, [UPDATE: Scratch that. Maybe. It could have been the 50-yard berm I was at. Will confirm. It was Monday, and I had only had two cups of coffee all day] shooting your standard Wolf 122 gr. FMJ ammo, the Yugo proved more than capable of delivering its message - well within M.O.J., anyway. And, no, the quarter isn't covering up any flyers.

20 holes

Definitely room for improvement. I'm gonna have to buy a case of ammo and go back to shoot some more.

Twist my arm, I know.

UPDATE: OK, which one of you thieving pricks took my .22 boresnake?

UPDATE II: I hereby nominate the SKS gas piston for Biggest Crud Magnet Gun Part of the Year honors.

UPDATE III: Gratuitous, yet obligatory, gun pic.

There may be an addition to "the family" prior to the 15th (Buy a Gun Day), seeing how tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, and the wife asked me today if she can come to the range to go shooting while the girls are in school.

"Lever-action rifles - when you care enough to send the very best."

Just sayin'...