Friday, April 13, 2007


I don't know how this story could possibly come as a surprise to anyone with half a brain in his head.

Report: N.H. Carbon Emissions Up 50 Percent Since 1990

CONCORD, N.H. -- Emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide rose 18 percent in the U.S. from 1990 to 2004, with New Hampshire showing one of the highest percentage increases.

And, this is a bad thing? Says to me, there's been an upswing in economic development in some states, and a certain amount of economic stagnation in others. Guess which states are gonna have more new job openings coming up.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group analyzed carbon emissions in 48 states. Fast-growing Nevada ranked first for percentage growth in carbon emissions at 55 percent. New Hampshire was third, with a reported 50 percent increase.

The study found that only Massachusetts, Delaware and the District of Columbia cut back on those emissions.

Seems to me the trend in CO2 emissions is following neatly the trends in population change and commercial development, and the differences in economic and societal policy that account, in large part, for such changes.

It's no secret that the states with greater economic freedom have always been, and will continue to be, successful at luring companies and jobs away from the states where the politicians have placed their political aspirations above the economic well-being of the people whom they're supposed to represent.

But, this story from the Associate Press [I know, I'm shocked too - ed.] is making it sound like having a social, political and economic climate that's responsible for driving out businesses, workers, and families is now a good thing, due to the subsequent loss in CO2 emissions.

Dizzy yet?

Let's say a factory shuts down and cuts 1,000 manufacturing jobs in State #1, on account of some idiotic, slick-talking governor (speaking purely hypothetically, of course) passing off a corporate tax hike as a much-needed closing of a "corporate tax loophole". Now, let's say that same company opens a new factory in State #2 where the tax burden is considerably lower, and is able to use those cost savings to boost production, hiring 200 more workers than were previously employed in State #1.

Guess what's gonna happen.

The total CO2 emissions in State #2 will go up. The total CO2 emissions for State #1 will go down, and the liberal establishment in State #1 will spend the next four years patting one another on the back for helping to save the polar bears and prevent the earth from dying a fiery death. And, as an added bonus, those 1,000 laid off factory workers, now free from the burdens of employment, will be able to attend all their global warming rallies and hold signs blaming their economic hardship on Republicans.

At the personal level, when we moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, we took a lawn mower, pressure washer, snowblower, charcoal grill, a minivan, and an SUV with us. And, with the larger plot of land we could afford, we've since had to purchase a lawn tractor, not to mention the new generator and propane grill.

Why, just last week, I had the generator running 24 hours non-stop during a blackout. So, yeah, no shit the CO2 emissions up here are on the rise.

This is hardly a groundbreaking news item.