Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Slow Learners

From the Charlotte Observer (NC):

A clerk on Monday shot and killed a man trying to rob a northeast Charlotte convenience store, police say, in the fourth case this month of a potential victim shooting a would-be robber.

In Boston, these stories are infinitely more likely to include the phrases "string of armed robberies" and "police are still searching".

And, for today's Quote of the Day:

Law enforcement agencies advise people not to fight back against robbers, saying it can invite injury or death.


That's been clearly illustrated here, thank you very much.

I, for one, see no problem with "inviting injury or death" onto some scumbag who's threatening me, my wife, or my daughters.

Hillary Clinton, of course, feels otherwise. She's made it clear how dedicated she is to protecting the lives and careers of armed robbers by voting last year for the forcible disarmament of any law-abiding American without a badge.

(see: Patricia Konie)

Who can blame her, though? Her voter base is getting snuffed out as a result of all these redneck store clerks having the nerve to defend themselves from "uninvited injury or death".

Of course, the fact that this store clerk was a WOMAN exercising her RIGHT TO CHOOSE to defend herself will be completely lost on Her Wretchedness.

As I wrote earlier:

Political correctness and strict adherence to liberal doctrine override all. And as soon as the Right succumbs to this "truth" and plays along, there will be peace and prosperity throughout the world.

Screw that.

Anyone who sees nothing wrong with surrendering responsibility for his own well-being to the likes of Hillary Clinton (or Rudy Giuliani, for that matter) is a friggin' moron.