Saturday, October 20, 2007

EEEK!!!! Leather Goods!

From the University of Florida:

TO: Deans

FROM: Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin, Vice President for Student Affairs
RE: Protest Event Next Week

A national group known as Students for S&M and Bondage Rights, which advocates allowing students and others to engage in unconventional sexual practices, plans an Leather Bondage Gear Protest all next week. Students who participate in the event are being urged to wear leather bondage accessories to class in order to protest state laws and university policies that allegedly restrict sexual freedom on campus.

Neither state law nor campus policies prohibit wearing such leather items, so anyone who participates in this event is within his or her rights. However, if any faculty member or student feels genuinely threatened, they should feel free to call the University Police Department. If you would, please pass this along to your department chairs and faculty.

Oh, wait. That's not quite what the memo said.

Seems it's the scary, non-politically correct leather accessories that they're worried about their faculty feeling threatened by.

My mistake.

Story at Say Uncle, who pretty much nails it in two words:

...beyond silly.