Sunday, November 04, 2007

And the Hits (and Lies) Keep Coming

More of the same, really.

Agenda-driven media types doing their best to discredit Fred Thompson and his candidacy. Why, it's almost enough to make you think they're afraid of something.

This time around, it's Larry Daughtrey, writing for

Here's the part that got my attention.

Since his announcement two months ago, Thompson's campaign has been something of a mystery. If you got up early this morning, you might have caught him on Meet the Press from Las Vegas.

That's funny.

I'm still waiting for that program to air, and it's barely 8:45 AM here on the east coast. But, then again, I have a life. I'm not a do-nothing layabout who sleeps until noon every day, leaving the house only to fetch my government check from the mailbox.

If you are willing to pay $2,300, you can get your picture taken with him Thursday night in Dickson.

Yeah, that's the funny thing about fundraisers. They're used by every candidate running in this race to...wait for it...RAISE FUNDS!

Oh, the horror!

He has a small breakfast in New Hampshire on Monday. Other than that, his schedule is a blank.

Funny how Mr. Daughtrey could use his computer to write this column, but couldn't use his computer's internet connection to find this.

Here are all the stops Senator Thompson will make in New Hampshire on Monday!

8:00 am Bedford - Fred Thompson Delivers Remarks at “Politics and Eggs” For Members of the New England Council

10:00 am Nashua - Fred Thompson Participates in a "Tea with the Candidate" Interview with Jennifer Horn. The interview will be aired on the Jennifer Horn radio show – WSMN AM1590 Nashua on Monday, Nov 12 Jennifer’s newspaper column on the interview will be printed in the Lifestyles Section of the Nashua Telegraph on Sunday, Nov 11

1:15 pm Rochester - Fred Thompson Tours Thompson Center Arms – New Hampshire Firearms Manufacturer. Employees of T/C Arms will participate in a Meet & Greet with Senator Thompson

4:45 pm Dover - Meet Fred Thompson Reception

WHEN 4:45 pm guests should arrive
WHERE Orchard Street Chop Shop
1 Orchard Street
Dover, NH 03820
RSVP (603) 669-0239 or by email

Maybe his Google's broken.

Or, maybe he simply has no use for facts, when it comes to smearing those with whom he might disagree.