Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What It's ALL About

Global Warming Marxism

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Helping the world's poor adapt to more floods, droughts and other changes from a warming planet will cost the richest nations at least $86 billion a year by 2015, an expert panel warned Tuesday.

Yeah, didn't see that one coming.

Isn't convenient, now, that no matter what happens to the amount water in any given region over time, it's miraculously global warming's fault?

A flood? All that extra water is due to global warming, of course.

A drought? Why, that shortage of water in the area was caused by...

Any guesses?

Yep...global warming.

Now, pay up.

"They must have help from the rich world," said Claes Johnasson, a co-author of the report commissioned by the U.N. Development Program. "Climate is forcing people into human development traps."

Because, the US just isn't shoveling out enough foreign aid these days.

Give me a break! What a load of piss.

Half the cost, $44 billion, would go for "climate-proofing" developing nations' infrastructure while $40 billion would help the poor adapt how the live to cope with climate-related risks, says the panel's report. The other $2 billion would go to strengthening responses to natural disasters.

The report recommends the biggest share be paid by the United States and other rich nations, based on aid targets and financing calculations by the World Bank and Group of Eight major industrialized nations.

A multi-trillion dollar, global taxation cash cow, to be controlled (I assume) by that wretched hive of tyrant-worshiping, child-raping, gun-grabbing scum and villainy known as the United Nations.

Gee, I'm all warm and tingly.