Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barack Obama the Gunslinger?

Well, he's slinging something.

"I believe in the Second Amendment...


No you don't.

You believe in the liberal, collectivist version of the Second Amendment. You would have the American public believe that our Founding Fathers went out of their way to ensure that the new government of the United States would have the "right" to maintain a monopoly on the dispensation of deadly force over a weaker, disarmed citizenry.

Four words: Cold. Dead. Hands. Bitch.

...and if you are a lawful gun owner in this state...

...having complied with all the new gun control laws I plan on signing as President, including some "reasonable regulations" I have in mind, patterned on Washington DC's "common sense" gun ban and New Orleans' wholesale confiscation of lawfully-owned firearms. have nothing to fear from the Obama administration.

Just as soon as your "re-education" is complete and you're all transformed into mindless, collectivist automatons like the throngs of people already I've already got worshiping at the Altar of Hope and Change.

I think people have a right to bear arms...

And, I think you're a lying whore.

But, then again, you've received more endorsements from known terrorist organizations than either of your opponents, so what do I know?