Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Riddance

A small victory for common sense and parental rights in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

GLOUCESTER (AP) ― Two top officials at Gloucester High School's health center have resigned in a fight over contraceptives distribution.

Medical Director Dr. Brian Orr and chief nurse practitioner Kim Daly support confidentially giving contraceptives to students. They were outraged about resistance from Addison Gilbert Hospital and resigned Friday.

How dare anyone resist their "progressive" agenda and their efforts to give kids drugs without their parents' notification or consent! What kind of world are we be living in, when we can't even trust our government-run schools to give our children body-altering chemicals without our knowledge?

Seriously, these are the same hacks who will have your kids dragged out of school in handcuffs, facing felony drug charges, if you send them to school with a headache and two Advils in a Zip-Loc sandwich bag.

At least, these two did the right thing and resigned. I wonder how many parents in the area will be looking for a new pediatrician for their kids this week.

I know I'd be one of them.

UPDATE: From the Boston Globe (5/26/08):

Oops! Did I remember to take my pill?

Contraception experts have long known that even couples who want to avoid pregnancy can be strikingly lax about actively preventing it. This month, a survey from the Guttmacher Institute, a top think tank on reproductive issues, casts new light on the whys and why nots.


The report found that nearly two-fifths of women on the pill miss their daily dose at least once in the course of three months, raising their risk of pregnancy...

And, they're talking about 18 to 44-year-old women, not under-aged teens. I can only imagine what those numbers would look like.

The idea of handing out birth control pills to any minor who asks for them is just beyond ridiculous. Doing so without the consent of the girl's parents should be a criminal act.

I'm with NES member Martlet on this:

Let me catch someone giving oral contraceptives to my teenage daughter without my permission. It won't be pretty.

UPDATE II: Quote of the Day comes from Dr. Non Sequitur, himself.

"What parent, what teen, what adult wouldn't want us to institute a program where we're reducing sexual activity, reducing the initiation of having sex, reducing the number of sexual partners and reducing teen pregnancies," he said.

From Chapter 7 of the "Obfuscation for Bureaucratic Dummies Handbook":

When you find yourself having to publicly defend your flawed belief system, throw out a load of meaningless rhetoric that has nothing to do with your actual agenda.

Boobs of a feather...